Rafadan Tayfa 4: Hayrimatör

Rafadan Tayfa 4: Hayrimatör

Rafadan Tayfa 4: Hayrimatör

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92 minutes 2023 HD

Watch Movies Rafadan Tayfa 4: Hayrimatör HD Hayri, the youngest person who went to space, became quite famous and was accepted to the Science and Technology School. He now spends very little time in the neighborhood and spends most of his time on the giant robot Hayrimatör, the “Invention of the Century” as he calls it. Even though he designed and called it as an engineering marvel, Hayri could not manage to obtain the power source to run the Hayrimatör. With the support of our alien hero Zobi, Hayri manages to make the Hayrimatör work, but the villains go after the invention. This time, Rafadan Tayfa will team up to rescue Hayrimatör, who has been driven out of control by the Agent and his men.


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